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Please Buzz 212 (Jason) at the keypad near the entrance to get buzzed in after the normal business hours of 9am - 5pm.

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Services are listed on my booking site. (Click "Book Now" button below to access) Prices are listed at full rate pricing, and any discounts will be discussed and applied at time of purchase after your session, unless you cancel or don't show up for a session you may be charged, so contact us asap to discuss any changes to the schedule.

Currently offering:

Custom Massage: includes combination of Swedish/Relaxation, Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Therapy    $100/Hr. (+tax and tip)

Reflexology:  $100/Hr. (+tax and tip)

Hot Stone: Use of Hot Stones to relax stress (NOT A DEEP TISSUE SESSION) Additional $15 to Custom Massage Rate

Cupping: Use of Cups to stretch and loosen adhered tissues. (Can be painful, a Deeper tissue service) Additional $15 to Custom Massage Rate

Pregnancy: Please put how far along you are in the booking notes, to let me know where I can massage. Additional $15 to Custom Massage Rate.

Aroma Therapy (selection of oils available) Free for massage services, just ask for my available scents.

Sugar Scrubs:

Hands or Feet: $15

Arms or Legs: $25 (Arms includes hands, Legs include Feet)

Back: $25

Full Body: $70 (Includes Hands, Feet, Arms, Legs, and Back)

      *To receive Hands, and Feet in one session please sign up for 2 "Hands or Feet" sessions.

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     Discounts are given to clients that return within 4 weeks from their last visit! You SHOULD have received a card to show you a discount based on your last visit. If you have miss placed your card and need a reminder, please use the contact link at the top of the page and I will get you your discount schedule.  

     By signing up for recurring appointments (automatically scheduled appointments every 4 weeks or less) you will automatically receive a 50% discount.  You will be given a 2-day notice of your next appointment, and if you need to reschedule that's cool, just let me know at least 24 hours in advance or you may get a cancelation fee.  Canceling 2 scheduled appointments, in a row, will automatically remove you from the recurring appointment schedule and you'll have to schedule your next appointments manually from this page.  To avoid this just reschedule your missed session BEFORE your next scheduled session. 

      Please remember by canceling the day of your appointment you will get charged full price. (No discounts for late cancelations, or no-shows) So, please be sure to contact me via Text 612-719-9677 at least 24 hours before your appointment to avoid this cancelation fee.

Your therapist:  Jason Stephens

Massage at your time, when you need.

Located at 3014 Hennepin Ave, In uptown Minneapolis (at the Salons By JC building on Hennepin and Lake St.  intersection across from the old Calhoun Square Building) We do not have our own parking lot so Please arrive early enough to find parking. Metered parking on many streets in the area, paid parking in the Calhoun Square parking ramp, or free parking through the residential areas. Click HERE for directions. 

Jason is currently our only therapist at Time For You Massage, and is determined to make massage affordable for you to get massage when you need it.  Please click the "LEARN MORE" button to get answers to questions asked generally about massage, or submit your own questions.

When arriving at Salons by JC in uptown there is a Keypad next to the door. Please use instructions on the keypad to contact me when you arrive. I am #212 and I will buzz you in as our doors are currently locked to control the number of people in the building to accomidate the local covid-19 protocol. Remember to be 10-15 Minutes early for your first session so you have time to fill out paperwork. IF you arrive MORE than 15 minutes early and the door is locked please be patient as I may be finishing up my previous clients session, you may try to message or use the keypad, but I wont be able to respond untill the 10-15 minute mark.