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How often should I get massage?

This is really up to how you are feeling and what you want accomplished.  I suggest that you get a regular massage every 4 weeks.  This monthly massage is kind of just a maintenance routine and good for relaxation work.  If you have a more chronic issue you want resolved (frozen shoulder, major tension, recent injury or surgery) Please check with your medical professional on what they would recommend for your safety, but I would come as frequent as you can. The more often we can work an area the quicker you'll see a result then scale back to that maintenance routine again. Time For You Massage offers discounts for those desiring or needing more attention to their specific needs. (See Home page for more details)

What type of massage should I get?

Again, this is really up to you and your preferences. Some people just want to relax. Swedish with a light to medium pressure or Lomi Lomi are excellent for this purpose. Hot Stone is a modality that is also great for relaxation, but also the heat penetrates deep to relax and release muscles without having to use a lot of pressure. Trigger point therapy uses more pressure and deeper work to release tight knots and stubborn tension. Reflexology is not so much "massage" but working points on the hands and/or feet that refer to other body systems. More of an energy work. And then there is Pregnancy. If you are pregnant, massage can encourage Labor/Termination of pregnancy. Please always note how far along you are when setting a pregnancy massage appointment.

What type of massage do you offer?

Time For You Massage is always expanding.  As Educational classes are finished more modalities will be listed, also as Time For You Massage expands we may get therapists who offer more. Its always best to watch the booking page for FULL information. Currently the Services are offered by Jason, and they include:


Trigger Point Therapy



Hot Stone

Aroma Therapy


Sugar Scrubs (coming soon)

Lomi Lomi (coming soon)