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There are several services we provide at Time For You Massage Therapy, LLC. As I expand with more therapists not EVERY therapist will provide ALL services, so be mindful when booking that you are ok with the service AND therapist providing the service.

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Jason's Custom Massage

This session is your basic massage session.  Customized to what you need. Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish, Lomi Lomi, and relaxation types are all offered in any combination to achieve your goals.

Services lengths and rates:

30 Minute - $50 (plus tax)

This session is for focus work. Get those legs loosened from that run, or get those back and shoulder knots! Just don't have time for a full body massage session.

60 Minute - $100 (plus tax)

If you are new to massage I suggest this session.  We can focus as with the 30 minute session and get a lot of deep tissue work done, or we can incorporate a full body experience for more relaxation.

90 Minute - $150 (plus tax)

Perfect to get a great combination of deep tissue and relaxation work. First I will "Dig in" to the tough areas and then "smooth out" the area before moving to the next. This is ALWAYS a full body massage as there is PLENTY time to hit it all, Just let me know where to put extra attention if you want it.

120 Minute - $200 (plus tax)

*Talk with your therapist about booking this session*

FULL BODY DEEP TISSUE.  This session is generally reserved for therapist suggestion, but if you KNOW you have ALOT of work to address BOOK IT!  This session will cover full body with DEEP tissue.  This isnt a relaxation session at all.  Expect to be sore for a couple days and allow your body to heal. Drink plenty of water and stretch!

Jason's Hot Stone Massage

This session will incorporate hot stones into your massage.  Stones are heated in water to about 115 degrees then used as a tool along muscles. The heat penetrates deep to help loosen and relax tight areas with less pain.

Service lengths and rates:

30 Minute - $65 (plus tax)

This session is an introductory to hot stone. If you are unsure about using stones in your session try this out first. This will not be a full body session as we have not got the time to incorporate stone work with full body. Best for back neck and shoulder work.

60 Minute - $115 (plus tax)

This can be a focused session as well, or can be used to get a full body relaxation session. Heat can be very comforting and soothing for stressed individuals. Get this session if you have mild to moderate tension and REALY want to relax.

90 Minute - $165 (plus tax)

What I call a Full and Proper Hot Stone session.  If you have experienced a hot stone session before or you know what to expect i suggest this session strongly.  I will be able to use the stones to massage along with some moderate to deeper tissue work, to get a good work out. (THIS is the hot stone MOST people end up getting.)

120 Minute - $215 (plus tax)

*Talk with your therapist about booking this session.*

HOT STONE HEAVEN. This session is the ultimate in relaxation and deep tissue work. though you SHOULDN'T be as sore as the 120 Minute custom session. This session will utilize not only stone movement but some placed staticly in an area to help reduce tension. This session is really deep and though you will get relaxation, not meant for simply relaxation work.

Jason's Pregnancy Massage

After 9/6: $This session is aimed at protecting the mother and child in massage session.  If you are pregnant and do not report it to your therapist, we are not liable for undesired results, including possibly Causing a premature labor and possible loss of the baby.  As Pregnancy progresses a body pillow system is used to protect the belly, and shorter sessions may be advised. CONSULT YOUR THERAPIST EVERY SESSION!

Service lengths and rates:

30 Minute - $65 (plus tax)

Session for focus work, with relaxation in mind. Some deep tissue work as I'm able depending on stage of pregnancy.  This session is open for all stages of pregnancy, just discus limitations before the session. When booking this session please enter in the notes just how far along you are.

60 Minute - $115 (plus tax)

An hour of much needed relaxation. Deep tissue options will be more restricted as you progress into later stages of the pregnancy. Communication is key and comfort is important. this session is the most common session for ALL stages of pregnancy. When booking this session please enter in the notes section just how far along you are.

90 Minute - $165 (plus tax)

90 Minutes is getting to be too long for those in their late 2nd to 3rd trimester depending on size. The larger you become the more pressure will be placed on the back and important blood vessels that supply blood to lower extremities and baby. This session is upto the thrapist to determine if they are able to do. If this is your first session with us please book the 60 minute session instead so we can assess how far along you have come. When booking this session please enter in the notes section just how far along you are.

120 Minute - $215 (plus tax)

*Talk with your therapist about booking this session*

Reserved for 1st trimester only. Most pregnancies do not show in their first trimester and can be treated as a custom massage. This session will limit the amount of deep tissue work due to over stimulation can cause early termination. If you want to book this session Please book a 90 Minute session and put in the notes that you would like to upgrade along with how far along you are.

Jason's Cupping Session

Cupping is technique used to help pull toxins out of tissues and utilizes a suction or lifting of tissues as apposed to a compression or pressure traditional massage uses. I use a vacuum cupping technique with a suction cup attached to a trigger to draw air out of the cup adhering it to the body. This session can be uncomfortable but not painful, and bruising may occur as part of the process. Please communicate with the therapist if anything is too sensitive.

Service length and rates:

30 Minute - $65 (plus tax)

This session is a focused session and will not incorporate the full body. Cups are Placed in problem areas and glided along the muscles to lift and help loosen them.

60 Minute - $115 (plus tax)

This session can be used for full body session, but alot of people use it for focused sessions.  As a full body session it can be relaxing as the cups are glided along the surface of the body lifting and stretching the muscles to help them relax. As a focus cups are glided to begin then placed staticly on the areas of focus or of most tention.  This is where you find the "hickey effect" happen. Generally more tension and toxins will cause more bruising. Some discomfort will be present but shouldn't be unbearable. Keep communication with your therapist to increase or decrease pressure.

90 Minute - $165 (plus tax)

This is another Common time length to get cupping services.  Using static cupping along whole body while custom massage work is done on other parts of the body.  Get benefits of the cupping and the soothing massage all in one session. 

120 Minute - $215

*Talk to your Therapist about booking this session*

This is an intense session. You will receive a full body session that includes all techniques listed above, gliding cupping, static cupping, and custom massage techniques. This session will incorporate some deeper tissue work as seen fit, (depending on reaction to cups) You can expect to be sore after this session as well as have brusing. Not for the faint of heart this is alot of work and you'll feel it.

Jason's Reflexology

Most commonly known for foot work, reflexology can also be done on the hands.  This is not just a foot rub, and if THAT is what you want then I would get a half hour massage with focus on the feet/lower legs. Reflexology utilizes points in the feet and hands to stimulate energy flow to other areas of the body.  Most common reasons to get reflexology is for Immune system boost, headache relief, nausea, or conditions such as insomnia, diabetes, high/low blood pressure, or even chronic pain. (not only of feet or hands but pain throughout the body.)

Service length and rates:

15 Minute - $25 (plus tax)

This is a quick service performed on either the hands or the feet. (Not both.) Using my thumbs or a thai reflexology stick, I will hit those reflex points that coordinate with your ailments to help stimulate the energy chanles to the specific areas of the body.

30 Minute - $50 (plus tax)

Can be used for quick service of the hands and feet or focus on one or the other. When using for both hands and feet you'll get a quick 15 minutes for each area (see above discription for 15 Minute session) If you plan to focus on JUST one area just hands or feet You will get a more in depth focus and hit more secondary points relating to your ailment.

45 Minute - $75 (plus tax)

Generally used for reflexology on both hands AND Feet during one session.  IF you want this session for focus on one (just hands OR just feet) You will be treated to a bit more massage before and after the reflexology session actually happens. You'll notice the difference in service as the massage portions will incorporate the rubbing and twisting that accompanies massage, and the point work that accompanies the reflexology.

60 Minute - $100

Get a FULL TREAT with this session.  Expect this session to encompass both hands and feet a light massage to start then Hot towels to wrap and warm as i move to the other area. then I will return to complete a reflexology treatment ending in a light massage of the area again. This is a WONDERFUL relaxing session for those that want to feel pampered but don't necessarily want a full body massage..

Jason's Sugar Scrub

Sugar Scrub service includes a Little massage of the area to be worked, then a Sugar scrub is used to help Soften the skin, Then the area is wrapped in a hot towel to relax and melt the sugar scrub. Finally I finish with a thick luxourious hydrating body butter, leaving your skin very soft.

Hands or Feet: $15

Arms* or Legs*: $25

Back: $25

Full Body (Arms, Hands, Legs, Feet, and Back): $70

*Arms include Hands

*Legs include Feet

To get hands AND feet... sign up for 2 of the Hand or Feet sessions.

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Hands or Feet: $15

Legs & Feet or Arms & hands: $25

Back: $25

Full Scrub(Arms, Hands, Legs, Feet and Back): $70 

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